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Rowdy partnered with STUDS, a popular New York-based jewelry company, to promote their Girl Band launch. Rowdy posted Instagram story quizzes that their followers could take and repost, spreading awareness for the launch. This quiz that I designed determines which Destiny's Child member you are. This campaign and my work were featured in Nylon Magzine.

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Rowdy created a podcast discussing all the pressing issues that Gen-Z cares about. Since the subject matter is broad, I wanted to create cover art that emboyed Rowdy's personality without being too specific. 

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Caption: With only plexiglass barriers to separate the two, the stakes are high for Pence and Harris for tonight’s first and only Vice Presidential debate.⁣

There’s less than a month until Election Day, and we hope that today’s debate will be a little less.... chaotic than last week’s. 😳

Tune in at 9 p.m EST to catch it all live. In the meantime, you can read more about the candidates in @michellecholder ‘s latest article at the #LinkInBio 🗳

Graphic by: @sophiaisanders

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Caption: TODAY’S THE DAY!! It’s the LAST DAY to get your preorder in! Go to the #LinkInBio to secure yours now before our store closes at midnight 🌎💙⁣

In the meantime while you wait to receive your sweatshirt, check out this ~comfy cozy~ playlist we’ve made for your enjoyment!💭 You can stream it now on our Spotify 💿
Cover art by: @sophiaisanders


Caption: Just because you’re young and no longer living with your parents doesn’t mean that the rules of social distancing don’t apply to you, so please don’t be an idiot. ⁣

We can’t say it enough: your actions affect literally every other person around you. It might be nice to finally be back on campus with your friends, but now really isn’t the time to celebrate in person. If the choice is between going out on a Friday night or sparing someone from a potentially deadly disease, the decision really shouldn’t be that difficult.

In our newest blog article, @maduhlinemurphy reminds everyone of just how important social distancing is. You can read it now at the #LinkInBio ! And feel free to send it to a friend if you’re feeling confrontational—we don’t judge! 😷🦠⁣

Art by: @sophiaisanders

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Caption: 🚨CASTING CALL🚨⁣

Hi there! Did you miss us? ✨ Our team is hard at work preparing for our fourth Volume and we need your help! ⁣

We’re looking for models, photographers, and videographers. No experience level, gender, background or size required! Tag your besties, join the party and let’s make some magic happen. 🕺

Applications are OPEN and tagged to this post at the #LinkInBio.

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Caption: We’ve finally started a newsletter! Introducing, “I Hate It Here,” your weekly roundup of whatever issues are currently plaguing us. ⁣

Compiled by Rowdy’s online editor @laurenxrousseau , this week’s edition covers everything from the problem with “The Princess and the Frog,” to the disappointing GOYA situation.

You can read it now at the #LinkInBio where you can also send in your tips for next week’s letter. And while you’re on our website, you can scroll to the bottom of the homepage and sign up to receive future newsletters via email! 🎉


Caption: Cancers: No more tears left to cry. ♋️⁣

@whosava and @msromoo decipher what’s lined up for the emotional water sign this month- bring a tissue or two.⁣

#LinkInBio for your July 2020 horoscope. Art by @sophiaisanders

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Caption: Florida now has over 100,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, and though a mask may not be required in some areas, you should still be wearing one. ⁣

While the choice may be personal, it affects everyone around you, and some more than others. ⁣

Looking for a cute and reusable cloth mask? Rowdy writer @maduhlinemurphy has gathered a few options for you at the #LinkInBio
Art by: @sophiaisanders

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Caption: Tomorrow is Juneteenth! Swipe through for a little history on the holiday and what it represents. ⁣

Though Juneteenth is recognized in most states, it still remains to be named a federal paid holiday. This year there has been an increase in efforts to give Juneteenth off, including in New York and Virginia.

Art by: @sophiaisanders