WHITE CLAW: Party Pack  

Art Direction, Design, Concept Development

My challenge was the create new packaging for a pre-existing product that has more than 3 uses. The audience is college students and young adults between the ages of 21-25 ​looking for ways to have fun with their friends at home. 

Insight: Consumers are looking for ways to enjoy time with their friends without going out to bars or clubs.

Idea: White Claw's Party Pack provides games to play with friends at home

White Claw Hard Seltzer is many college students’ drink of choice. Because of COVID-19, these students are seeking new ways to have fun without going to bars and clubs. White Claw’s new Party Pack provides hard-working students with innovative ways to unwind with close friends after a long week of studying. When students buy their packs of White Claws, they leave the store with a board game, playlist options and a card game to get the party rolling.

Outside the Box

outside 1.png

The Party Pack packaging stays true to the iconic White Claw packaging, while making sure that it is differentiable. Recognizable flavors are given new names that coincide with categories for the card game on the back of the box. 

It’s what’s on the
inside that counts

The Party Pack includes a board game, playlists and cards that provide the consumer and their friends with all they need for a fun night.

Card Game

card game.png

Quiz with scannable playlists inside the box

Board Game

Sanders White Claw-6.png