Vans: Long Live the Pros

Copywriter: Alexa Padron / Illustrator: Robert Fisher / Art Director: Megan Pirino /  Graphic Designer: Sophia Sanders

Our challenge is to differentiate the Vans Pro Classics from regular ol’ Vans. Our audience is committed skateboarders aged 15-24 who spend their free time at the skate park. We want to prove to the skating community that Vans Pro Classics will last as long as their skating career. Through an integrated campaign, we will reach skaters where they frequent most: online and outside. ​

Insight: Because many skaters become famous at a young age, skaters suffer from Peter Pan syndrome, the fear of growing up. ​

Idea: Vans Pro Classics will last as long as their skating career.

2020 Gold Addy Award-Winning Campaign

Instagram Story Ad

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Skate With the Pros: Event 

Our event, Skate with the Pros, sends members of the Vans Skate Team to their hometowns to show new skaters how it’s done. The event features a skate ramp in the shape of a pair of Vans Pro Classics. We will encourage attendees to wear their Pros while skating with the pros.

Event Mockup copy.webp

Skate With the Pros: Flyer 

The event is promoted through guerrilla flyers in skateparks throughout the chosen cities. We believe promoting the event in the places skaters frequent will make it feel exclusive for skaters. ​

Utility Pole Flyer Mockup.webp

Skate With the Pros: Sticker

Vans has been making its iconic red skateboard sticker for years. We made a sticker to promote the event for skaters to put on their boards. The stickers will be distributed at local Vans stores.

skate logo 1 (2).webp